People expect to potentially have some repair and maintenance issues when buying a very old home. But with an essentially brand-new condo? Not so much.

Unfortunately, even close-to-new condos aren’t spared from these issues, making home inspections before purchase important for all homes, including condos. Case and point: The issue of corroding pipes facing many Toronto condo owners these days.

It’s even happening in condos under 15 years old. This may seem unbelievable, but the Condo owners who have had to shell out thousands to replace their pipes would argue this nightmare is all too real.

The problem is with a particular brand of pipes, Kitec, that became very popular in the mid-90’s and were heavily used for condo construction in Toronto—up until as recently as 2011. The plastic pipes with an aluminum lining were supposed to be the affordable and comparable alternative to copper pipes. Unfortunately, it was not known how quickly they would wear out. Now, they are in the walls of many of Toronto’s biggest condo developments and its residents or prospective buyers are none the wiser.

The lack of foresight with this product could end up costing you thousands in replacement or repairs. Even if you are a brand new condo owner, the bill will still makes its way to your doorstep. That’s exactly what happened to new condo owner, Preety Keith.

The new condo owner was ecstatic with her purchase, until she was hit with a bill for thousands of dollars because her condo building was filled with Kitec pipes. As she told CBC, “It was just very shocking news to get as a condo owner that you’re responsible for this massive project that’s going to cost thousands of dollars out of pocket.” (

One of the big issues is that condo boards and residents don’t even know that Kitec pipes were used in their developments, and there are generally no problems with them until they burst. Real Estate Broker, Andrew Ipekian, warns that residents living in or looking to buy in any building that went up around the year 2000 should just assume that Kitec was used. He also believes the life span of Kitec is shockingly only around 10 years. (

With issues like Kitec piping popping up in condo developments all around Toronto, it’s a no brainer to get a home inspection done before you buy a house or condo. These are the types of issues that our team of professionals are trained to find and bring to your attention before you make the biggest purchase of your life.

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