What types of common building damage do pests cause? 

 Shingle deterioration can occur if animals continually walk across a roof, or if persistent bird excrement is present. 

• Raccoons can actually tear shingles off of a roof to gain attic access. 

• Other animals access attics by damaging soffit/fascia or roof vents. 

In addition, resultant water entry into a home through very small openings caused by pest intrusion can cause many problems, ranging from cosmetic damage to interior finishes, to wood rot of structural framing, if moisture persists for extended periods of time. 

Significant structural damage can be caused by wood-boring insects, such as termites, powderpost beetles or carpenter ants. 

• Unfortunately, this damage is often hidden behind walls and is not detected for a long period of time. 

Damage to attic insulation can be caused by larger animals, such as raccoons. In some cases, they can compress insulation up to 25% of the original thickness when rummaging about in an attic. 

• This greatly reduces the air spaces in the insulation materials and makes the insulation less effective. 

• Following pest removal, compressed insulation should be carefully “fluffed,” or in some cases, retrofitted with additional insulation, in order to restore or improve energy efficiency in this area.