Having a home inspection completed before you buy a home is one of the smartest ways you can spend money. Our goal is to ensure the home is safe to live in and could potentially save you from purchasing a money pit. However, some individuals might not be aware of the risks for both homeowners and home inspectors involved.

Homeowners will be relying on the home inspector to catch any problems that could cause harm both physically and financially. Inspections are designed to reduce risk, but risk can’t be completely eliminated when buying a home. Although we’ll do our best to ensure the inspection is done thoroughly, there are certain things that previous homeowners and contractors will cover up cosmetically that make it nearly impossible to detect. This could range from painted over water damage to cracks in the foundation hidden behind drywall. Unfortunately, not everything can be caught.

It’s also important to remember that home inspectors are required to follow strict health and safety regulations. Your safety, as well as their own is a priority. This can lead some clients to question whether a home inspection is thorough enough. For example, some areas of the home could be wet, contaminated by mould, mildew, or possibly animal waste. The home inspector or you as a potential buyer of that house should not be exposed to those health risks. Other areas like the attic and crawl space will be inspected, but things like insulation won’t be moved around or lifted due to the harm it can cause to health. The roof will also be inspected depending on the time of year. Don’t expect a home inspector to climb on top of the roof in the dead of winter with three feet of snow. Many of the safety precautions are common sense, but there are some areas you might want to have someone take a closer look.

For many potential homebuyers, the electrical components and wiring of the home can be a major concern. A home inspector will check the electrical panel to ensure it is properly wired and hasn’t been tampered with by an amateur. But for a more thorough check, we suggest calling a licensed electrician that can provide you with a better analysis of the home’s electrical state.

If air quality is an area of concern for you, we also offer specific inspection services that can test for mould, carbon monoxide, radon, and other airborne particles that could be dangerous to your health.

At the end of the day, your safety, as well as that of our inspectors, is what matters to us. We want to provide our clients with an understanding of the condition their potential home is in, saving them time and money in the long run. If you’re on the market for a new home, don’t cut corners, call AmeriSpec Home Inspections of Toronto West & Mississauga today at 416-410-0909 to get started.